For what is pinegrow?

I can not understand my pinegrow website how works, like i made it, but i can not make form works, then i search how to embed form from wordpress all google searches were about “creating theme using pinegrow” can anyone help? I have a form (check it out here ) and i made all design and stuff, one thing lasts, but i can not figure out how to make it work. HOW CAN I DO LIKE WHEN PEOPLE FILL OUT FORM AND SUBMIT, I RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH ALL ANSWERS?

Hi @harutyun,
I assume you are running a WordPress site. In order to get your form to work you are going to have to write some PHP code that collects the information from the form, then composes an email with the correct headers, and finally sends the email. Here is a good tutorial about it. How To Build Your Own WordPress Contact Form and Why

The easiest way to build standard forms in your WordPress theme is to use the Form smart action included in Pinegrow.

But you can also use one of the many form plugins available.

For elaborated forms, you can also decide to use ACF Pro and Advanced forms Pro. (paid plugins)