Pinegrow Live version 7 update?


I’ve been using Pinegrow Live on Fedora Linux for quite some time, and it perfectly works. I wonder whether the version 7 update would also come to it? It seems Pinegrow Live is currently in version 6.8, and there is no sign of available updates.

Should I expect another Pinegrow Live version instead? Or is Pinegrow Live discontinued?

Thanks in advance,
Márton Lente

Hello @martonlente ,

It is very likely that the Pinegrow Live experiment will be stopped as it does not bring us all the possibilities we would like and it also brings additional support and maintenance that we cannot provide as seriously as we would like.

We continue to offer a version for Linux which, depending on the distribution, requires some adaptations and various configurations, but which exists and works perfectly.

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Hello @Emmanuel ,

Thanks for the very quick answer and clarification! I’m sorry to hear, as Pinegrow Live was a really helpful package: I liked that with zero maintenance PG was always the latest on each of my machines. But I see your points, and completely understand.