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Pinegrow should enable to manually, or automatically sorting classes attached to elements

Hello Administrator,

It’s quick and convenient to add classes to elements with Pinegrow. It’s a good coding practice to follow ‘Single responsibility principle’ in terms of CSS classes too, which naturally results in usually a lot of classes attached to elements. When working with Bootstrap properties in Pinegrow, it actually happens by itself – there is nothing wrong about that, as Bootstrap also promotes this.

Some developer, like me like to group CSS classes attached to elements on a logical manner – so that related classes follow each other. It results in a cleaner code, and as such better code-readability, and easier maintainability.

Because of the above, it’d be nice if Pinegrow could:
Sort classes attached to elements by drag and drop,
• or (even better) automatically sort classes attached to elements by name/abc.

Sorting classes automatically by name/abc would make a lot of sense, because – when classes are named smartly, or by BEM methodology – their names are often related.

Is there a chance this fetaure would be added in future verions of Pinegrow? It’d be very nice, and a great productivity-booster!

Thanks for considering,
Márton Lente