Deleting and renaming classes without routine

Could you give the user the possibility to customize the logic of deleting and renaming classes in html and css?
At the moment when a class is irrevocably deleted from the css panel, the class name remains in html, and I would like that when a class is irrevocably deleted in the css panel - this class is deleted everywhere in html (everywhere where there is a mention of this class). I would also like that when changing the name of a class, the name would be changed everywhere in html, not just in the css panel.

This would speed up and simplify things a lot, taking away some of the chore from the user. Right now, unfortunately, I have to avoid deleting and renaming classes.
Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Welcome @Eern

A tool for finding abandoned CSS Classes would be helpful.
For now i would use Search&Replace whenever i remove a Class form CSS.

Some CSS Classes might be needed for JS or get styling from external CSS (for example if you create WordPress Themes / Blocks). So a fully automated removal of CSS classes would not be a feasible solution.

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