Pinegrow -> WordPress: Applying Smart Action Crashes Site!

Hi All!

I’m a new user/customer and recently began the “ Creating a WordPress Theme Without PHP Coding tutorial . Everything was going well until I reach video #6 “Use Page as a Content Block” . When I applied the Customizer Field and Post Content Smart Actions to the Our Advantage Content and updated the theme, I received the following error:

( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘us_query_args’ (T_STRING) in C:\Users\Dexte\Local Sites\travelagency\app\public\wp-content\themes\travel_agency\index.php on line 14

There has been a critical error on your website.

When I removed the Customizer Field and Post Content Smart Actions from the Our Advantage Content, the site came back.

Any help explaining what happened would be greatly appreciated.

Can you please copy the content of that line 14? (when in faulty situation)


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i’ve noticed those compiler errors are often the result of the line before or after the one quoted…

Will do after a series of morning meetings are finished. I will replicate the actions that appeared to cause the error.