Custom Post Type Not Appearing

Fairly new to Pinegrow here–really like it so far, but I’ve run into a weird problem. I’ve registered a custom post type in my theme, but the custom type does not appear in the Admin panel on the back end of the website. The theme doesn’t report any errors when it’s exporting, so I’m not sure why it isn’t appearing.

I’m using Theme Converter 2.2, not the full Pinegrow editor, if that is relevant at all.

Can you check this documentation and keep us posted about the result?

Thank you! Unfortunately the fix presented here didn’t work.

Then, maybe you can contact us and send us your HTML project (not the exported WP theme) so we can check the situation and see if we can help?

It’s here : Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor

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So I would just need to send the HTML/CSS/JS files for the site? You don’t need the WordPress theme? Sure, I can do that. Thank you very much!

The issue has been resolved. The “Register Post Type” action had been placed on the same element as the Page settings on a template which is not a master page.

Actually, this situation is “allowed”. BUT if placed on non-master page it will be ignored.
Only actions in Content area of non-master pages are evaluated.

Note: There is a quick message displayed when such action is added.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that under no circumstances should the theme/plugin export be done in the project folder. (see Theme / Plugin Settings | Pinegrow Web Editor)