Pinegrow WP Plugin is HERE ❤️🌲

So, remote site, not a test or local install.

Sorry, I had (mis)understood that it was a local installation of WordPress directly on your Mac. By any chance, what is your web host?, a hosting company here in Canada.

Google tells me this is probably the result of an upload limit set on my wp installation, so I probably need to alter a config or access file…just not sure what’s the best, or safest way to go about that.

@Emmanuel @matjaz and Pinegrow staff,

Congrats on the WP plugin!

I purchased a license this a.m. and am following the tutorial and have an issues that has come up. I was wondering if you are going to start a WP Plugin forum board for bugs/support, or where should I post issues?


Hi @ragandbone,

I just stumbled upon this problem as well. This is not a Pinegrow error and the error message is also slightly misleading. The actual error is that the uploaded plugin zip file is too large to what is allowed by the web server.

Solutions: Either increase the maximum upload size in your PHP settings, or manually unzip the plugin and upload it into the wp-content/plugins folder e.g. via FTP.

Hope that helps!

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Good idea. I think I also found an issue and would like to report it. Maybe a separate WP Plugin forum is a useful approach.

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The Plugin is 9.5MB so make sure the setting you adjust is bigger than that.

There is a new category for the plugin available HERE.

Congrats on your launch!

How do existing users get a discount code for the Pinegrow WP Plugin?

You should have received an email with all the info.

Thanks for your help…now I know!

Unfortunately I haven’t received one.

I’m new to Pinegrow – I subscribed on November 22, but I don’t think I was subscribed to the newsletter.

@briansteeleca will send you a private message here on the forum.

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The same question, how to get deal for Pinegrow Pro owners? :slight_smile:

Please, contact the Pinegrow support with your current valid license details and we will send you all the details.

I don’t build Wordpress sites.

How does this plugin benefit me, I’m not quite understanding this?


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From a semantic perspective that really is a rather good question!


The answer is pretty simple, as we mentioned in point 3 of our presentation:

Because yes, the plugin is ALSO able to create static websites, juste like Pinegrow Desktop and some might want to have their editor online, if only to be able to access it from anywhere, any computer, any system (chromebook for example) etc…

So the logistics are a bit more complex in that you need to have a server that is accessible on the Internet and on which WordPress is installed, but it is a wonderful opportunity to bypass the availability issues of a system where Pinegrow would not be installed as well as the constraints related to operating systems. A kind of universality that is very welcome.


Does that mean the Pinegrow online and the plugin do the same thing?

So to use the plugin wordpress must be installed whether you’re using Wordpress or not for your site?

So the plugin gives me nothing I already have with Pinegrow for desktop or Pinegrow online?