Pingrow is excellent, But

Pingrow is excellent, but only if you want a static client-side site. If you require any server-side code better look elsewhere

Pinegrow is a front end website design software, similar to other visual html design software. It does have integration with Wordpress for Theme creation via a special upgrade edition and also has popular library support for Foundation and Bootstrap so you can implement dynamic aspects into your page designs.

You can have carousel’s, sliders, banner rotators, parallax scrolling and other common features popular on websites today.

Pinegrow will NOT teach you how to code server-side scripting such as PHP, ASP, PERL, PYTHON, .NET or Browser based scripting via Javascript. These are things you need to either already know how to implement and use or you will be required to learn it or hire that work out.

Wordpress and other CMS integration is also something that is easier to integrate with Pinegrow but it will not teach you Wordpress development or how to create “theLoop” or other Wordpress or individual CMS specific coding. You either need to already know how Wordpress or your specific CMS works before developing Themes for them or learn on your own. There are MANY websites, youtube videos and free as well as paid training you can take to get your skills up to speed.

If you require a visual WYSWYG editor that does everything for you, they do not exist and those that do try to do that fail and fail in a big way. You can create any type of website you desire with Pinegrow but there are somethings you need to already know how to do when it comes to server-side coding and Pinegrow is not going to teach you these things.

For those that do want to work with dynamic server side code such as PHP, ASP or whatever here are instructions on how to do that within Pinegrow.

This will not teach you how to code in these languages, if you do know then the above will show you how to make it work within the views inside of Pinegrow. You will need to have some sort of local intranet server running for database connectivity such as WAMP, XAMP or manual installation of Apache, PHP, MySQL etc…

How is Parallax done? I cannot find it and i’ve been using Pinegrow WP/Pro since Day one and am a Pinegrow 3 Pro user currently.


Parallax is definitely not related to the current topic but … please, have a look at this: