Plugin & Community Ideas

I think many are amazed by Pinegrow Online, at least I am!

I would love to see plugin development become more accessible too, and I hope that some of these ideas will make it into Pinegrow for the long run;

Pinegrow Space-Squirl (low priority)
A plugin-manager that will make all the fine plugins you gathered like nuts available in the offline & online version, so you can install the latest updates via a trusted source of recommendation. It also helps you store your workspaces so when you need to do a fresh re-install after a plugin broke things, it’s quite encouraging to have everything ready to boot when you need to.

//Update: it would be great if you could just put ANY plugin in your directory, no need to have it maintained by Pinegrow. Just available like a cloud-trunk.

Pinegrow Publisher (low priority)
Got some really cool libraries that people could use? Icons? Components? Use Indie Publisher templates to reshare the shared work from the community, straight from within Pinegrow so others can just use it as Blocks for their projects. (currently, I don’t know how-to-do that)

Pinegrow Contractor
Many web-development services could benefit from “officially licensed” experts that know how to use their software, and can deliver on the promise that pinegrow can give to it’s pro-users. A dedicated page to all the epic work created by Pinegrow users such as @Roel and who have a free-lance business that people could directly contact to “create something with Pinegrow” for them.

As a bonus, could then be used so customers could us it in CMS-mode to watch updates being made to their customization needs, and making adjustments on the fly. I think that will greatly lift the spirit of Pinegrow devs, and also the faces behind Pinegrow and what you can make together.

Pinegrow Lottie-Composer & Library
There are great use-cases to using the recently announced jLottie by, and I recently downloaded a great plug-in that uses the older player + interactivity. Ideally you would like to copy+paste a json-file in a field, or replace the url that point to the lottie-file so you can replace them “just like an SVG icon”.

//Update: LottieFiles recently released jLottie, and I wonder if LottieForPinegrow-plugin, that just uses lottie.js, can use the newly released jlottie.js and “just update gracefully”. I hope that @RobM checks this out if he finds the time. This would double to update the current tutorial on Pinegrow using Lottie.

Pinegrow Tailwind Trunk
Customize & visualize a Tailwind config, adjust its paramaters, save the design in your Trunk, and apply it to any Tailwind powered-project in Pinegrow! Don’t re-use your whole project, just like a snippet export those layers, extensions & plugins using Pinegrow as the driver.

Pinegrow Peak
Ever wanted to know what those people behind Pinegrow are REALY up to? I was as much surprised by as anyone else, and I hope the electron-app gets a fresh new overhaul using the web-version at it’s core. Pinegrow Peak will make sure you can test and run the latest and greatest so that future releases of Pinegrow can be screened by the community. Cutting-edge, use with caution.

Pinegrow Playground
Would you like to create mock-ups of features you wish Pinegrow had? Like that handy “hotbar” you get when hitting SHIFT 2x. Wouldn’t you like to fill that toolbar with your own kind of tools? Or give Pinegrow a complete customized look? Pinegrow Playground is a Figma Tool-kit with all the UI-components of the visual editor.

With these components, you can prototype a new feature and show the developers exactly what you see happening. I for one would love to first prototype RevolverDS before I ask @RobM to help me out, so he gets a feeling and vision of what I intend to make.

Pinegrow Popcorn-Time
A youtube channel of two-minute tips & tricks in Pinegrow that anyone can pick up. Many of the best features of Pinegrow are somewhat hidden and take some time to get used too, but once you do you will never think of doing without. These videos show those everyday gems we would all wish we knew day one. Chillax, take some popcorn and get to know Pinegrow one clip at a time.


Hi @BonoBoos,
Those are some great ideas. Two quick items:

For Lottie animations in Pinegrow, I wrote this up awhile ago:
I’m not sure what else you would like to see as far as functionality.

For the Pinegrow Tailwind CSS config. You can actually use the custom.scss file from a project where you have customized your theme using the Design panel. All of the variables are written there (I think - can’t check at the moment). So, attaching that sheet to any project would bring in any customization. Not quite automatic, but…


I have seen the lottie tutorial. I didn’t know that the editor saves Tailwind designs you made somewhere. Is there a folder where I can find this?

Also, you should make a micro-tutorial series (2 mins) on all these Pinegrow Secrets that you wish you knew from day one. Or we could have a Zoom and record it so you can actually meet some of the peeps loving Pinegrow as much as you do.

Ps, can you share a few screenshots/GIF maybe? Always helps seeing things in action.

ps, I found a bug in the Tailwind Design panel; it doesn’t update the fonts that you select (might have to do with the .scss file maybe, Sass is not watched?) But maybe it’s good to do some UX-research on some things you might have missed? Would be glad to return the favor if you can help me get my very own RevolverDS plugin up and running

ps, I solved by just inlining. It’s not broken, it’s just not working as advertised :wink:

Hey @BonoBoos,
Just want to make sure that I understand the bug. In the Design panel you picked the Pacifico font, but it isn’t being applied to the page. Correct?

Correct. You select any font, but it will not update the font and just keep the “old” one.

I’ve double-checked in the classes to see if Tailwind was not applying something hard-coded, but this wasn’t the case. I’m sure it’s coming from the design panel’s way of updating.

Maybe also worthy to note @RobM , I used the template from Tailwind Blocks library; Nature Delights

Hey @BonoBoos,
I’m not able to replicate the bug you have found. Did you make any other changes to the page/project?

If possible, try to start new threads when reporting bugs. It makes it easier for people to read through and answer topics that they find interesting.