Purchased Pinegrow, seeking to learn Tailwind

I am hoping to learn how to use Tailwind in my Pinegrow Web Designer application. There appears to be a lot of documentation on how to make Wordpress themes (something that I have absolutely no interest in) but a serious dearth of documentation on how to create pages using Tailwind. SinceTailwind is (as I understand it) a plugin included with the Web Designer, it would be good to know how to use it.

Can someone point me to a tutorialor some other documentation (that is up to date) that tells how to use Tailwind?

Hi @factor3,
Tailwind is a framework that helps to speed up you designing with HTML and CSS by providing a multitude of classes that give a unified styling to your elements. Pinegrow implements this through a series of drop-down menus and input boxes, mostly within the properties panel.
That is the first of these icons located to the right of the Page View in the default workspace.
Basically, any tutorial showing how to put a page together with Pinegrow will get you started with the drag-and-drop builder. Then, any tutorial about tailwind out on the internet can function as a tutorial for using Tailwind in Pinegrow. I encourage you to open any of the pre-made pages in the “Tailwind CSS Blocks” that you can access through the “New page or project” icon on the initial opening screen, or the “New page” selection from the File menu. Then you can open the Properties panel and click on different elements on the screen to see what Tailwind classes have been added and where in the properties panel they are located.
There is also a lot of good documentation pages on the interface for adding Tailwind classes as well as a couple of tutorials here: Tailwind Visual Editor | Pinegrow Web Editor
Good Luck on your new Pinegrow adventure!!

Greetings, RobM:

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Most of what you suggested I already knew/did, though I didn’t know about the Tailwind links you provided. I do have one (hopefully quick) question: is Tailwind UI included with the Pinegrow web designer, or is that something I need to purchase seperately?

As mentioned in the documentation: