Pinegrow Community Support Forum - ONE MONTH FREE!


Ok, Ive been having a look around , whilst doing a web course learning binge bender, visiting a sick horse and avoiding stressful legal paperwork, and

I have found a way to access the ENTIRE Library free for one month.

do THIS!

You end up with a Microsoft Dev account (er ok…
(well Studio Dev Essentials to be accurate)

There you go! at the bottom.
In the Link I sent posted above , he says its free for 6 months.
that would have been amaze balls!

you have to click to get a code 2019-03-09_19-02-01 and probably do some registration process.

This is still mighty fine though!

oh and I have now found out that the Offline player can download THIRTY COURSES!!!
…or until you HDD melts.

however, if you use windows, it advises NOT TO LOG OUT of the offline player…as

it will delete all your courses! woah!

Ok Im iff to make some hard drive space :slight_smile:

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