Position sticky

Hello, I just noticed we are missing the position sticky from the position option field in the style panel. I am sure I am missing something here… I can add the code manually but I guess there is a way through the panel.

Are you using Bootstrap? You will find the options for the navbar in the Element Properties panel under NAVBAR STYLE. In the Type dropdown menu, select Type: Sticky-top

Be advised…

  1. In order for Sticky-top to work, the Navbar must not be inside any container. It should be placed directly into the page body.

  2. for some reason the navbar will not “stick” in the Pinegrow preview window, but it sticks fine when I open the site in Chrome or Firefox to preview (not sure about Safari or Edge since I don’t use either.) I don’t know why this is.

Alright, i just saw it! Let me try this. Thanks for the reply.