Pre-sale question - can I use with Divi or Genesis templates?

Pre-sale question:

The two main theme templates I use are Divi and Genesis. When I load them into Pinegrow it doesn’t look like I can edit them with PG. I receive a message regarding use of PHP in the templates.

Anyways just wanted to see if it is possible to work with such templates as Divi or Genesis.

I was thinking maybe a workaround for such themes that use PHP (I’m assuming this is where the roadblock is) is to create a template in PG first and then copy and past the parts into my Divi or Genesis templates.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @R082 PG can’t edit existing Wordpress themes but to the best of my knowledge yes you should be able to create a template in PG and then copy and past parts. You will probably need to check what has been added to your PG created functions.php file and copy any code that isn’t already in your Divi/Genesis theme.

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