Project Does Not Open - Server is running on port 40000


I have a completed project with all the files stored locally in the correct Boostrap framework. The project is running fine on my web servers.

I was wanting to use Pinegrow to do a limited amount of editing to css/html and have the trial version loaded on my local powerbook.

When I open the project and then select index.php all I see is the code in the file. I note that on the various demos and sales blurb I should be seeing the actual site. Is this not the case?

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

Hi @icj. I’m a little confused about what you are saying so can I ask you to explain some things. Is the project you’re trying to edit html/css only or is it using php as well? Are you using MAMP or similar to view it locally in a browser if you are using php?