Project Panel Thumbnail Option

Hi, don’t know if this is an option but it would be nice to see thumbnails for images instead of hovering over their name to see them fly out. Thanks!

if you right click on the component, i think it offers you “take a snapshot” and then, you might need to check or unckeck a box that says “only use snapshot in menu” or some such.

you can def get it to show up that way, but preferred just the name so it takes up less screen realestate.

Thanks droidgoo but my question was in regards to images in the project panel… not components

oh, right… i gotcha.

i also would vote for this option and i would add it would nice to be able to SORT this listing as well by name, type, etc.

perhaps even drag and drop placement for a user specified order that could be saved and recalled separately from saving the project as a whole (like the layouts).