Properties Panel empty

Hello Pinegrowers,

I am new to Pinegrow, working with it for three days – quite successfully up to now: When I wanted to start continuing my job, the properties panel is empty, i. e. shows no information at all. All the other Panels work properly, but not the properties panel. What went wrong?

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Hard to diagnose this via forum. Can you post a screenshot of your open program with something on the page selected?

Sorry, a screenshot is sureley necessary. Here it is: The H1 is selected, the properties panel does not show any information. Strange.

Hi there @sprott, and welcome aboard.
Also, which operating system and Pinegrow version, if not the latest.
also, have you closed pinegrow and re opened it to see if the strangeness continues?

Also, if you like to check this out yourself sometimes, you can also go to
File/ Development tools,
in the Pinegrow menu and then, if you select console you can get to this sort of helpful madness

Sorry, I mean diagnostic information :slight_smile:
You might see something strange in there too.

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Hi schpengle,

we are working on Mac OS 10.13.6 with Pinegrow 4.9. The console does not
display any madnesses.

Anyway, we had to rebuilt the website from scratch, and up to now the issue
with the empty properties panel has not yet occurred.

Thank you


So the issue was related to a single website? That suggests the problem wasn’t with Pinegrow per se, but rather something in that particular project folder became corrupted… perhaps the Pinegrow.json file?

If you haven’t deleted the original project, I’d try copying the pinegrow.json file out of your functioning project and pasting it into the one with the blank properties panel, and see if that restores it. Just a hunch I have.

oh! I’ve just remembered having something similar to this myself before!

I left the html tag out at the beginning :frowning:
But then, I had and completely empty tree, so
no properties, where as you still had a tree.

but it might have been something silly…mmm so long ago… you have probably changed jobs by now! so sorry for the delay.