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Real, organic SEO is not a plug-in


I tell my clients to nevr paid for ads by the likes of Google and Bing! Or paid linking!

I use both internal and external linking for the clients websites. Take for an example. There are more than 50 satellite websites that link to both this website and this website’s YouTube Channel, as well as the other 15 speciality websites of Lightning Mobile linking to this website, as well as the main Lightning Mobile website, as well as the “glommers” linking to it. This is just one of the 50 some satellite websites:

I also have the largest cannabis website (by webpages at over 375 pages) in Colorado and its internal linking has over 7000 links!


No, but they fired all their sales staff and went a year without anyone new and all the new contractrs were related to the new traffic brought in by the new websites. If they were to be very truthful with me, they would then have to pay me MUCH more!


Paid linking is a rip off though buying advertising is an instant way to find out of your sales letters and marketing you have setup works and what needs changed instead of waiting around for weeks or months to get to the same conclusions.

You have to now since Google especially doesn’t list your site above a certain level on it’s pages if you don’t have links inbound from outside unrelated sites. It does matter the type of sites and how the link got on the site as to how credible the link will be taken by SE’s.

What I have discovered is it matters how those pages are linked and where from within the content as to the importance the link has. Deep linking has always been important though.


Sounds like the owners don’t know how to run a business to me.

[quote="Rgator, post:43, topic:548"] If they were to be very truthful with me, they would then have to pay me MUCH more! [/quote] Depends how your contract is written with the company, sounds like it is performance based with a percentage of revenue generated. Which if so is smart but you have to be on top of it and really know their numbers so you are certain you are not being cheated.

That’s just a guess from what you stated, I don’t know how your contracts are written or the arrangement you have with the company.


What do you think of this article on search engine watch?


@Terry44 Funny and interesting article with some interesting points. Ultimately I tend to find myself wondering who made Google the bosses of SEO! The answer I guess is we all did by pandering to their algorithm and trying our best to make sure that our pages appeared on the first page. By playing by their rules we have allowed them to dictate and rate what is good and bad on the internet. I guess when you get to a certain size you decide who gets to play and who doesn’t and that point is highlighted in the article by point #8 An SEO Company Will Die. At the end of the day Google doesn’t care about the quality of our content it cares about making a profit and if you do things that screws with their results they will punish you. I’m not a supporter of black or grey hat SEO tactics but there really needs to be another show in town other than Google when it comes to SEO and the SEO rule book.


I would basically have to disagree with some of this. The quality of the content is still the key, but there is so many more factors that have to played by the ‘webbie’ as well and let’s face is, most webbies do not put enough time, care and/or true effort into creating good, organic SEO. (Just like I do not want to have to spend any time having anything to do with “code”.)

And these days it is that trade’s/business’ “glommers” that are the professionals at the SEO and so they will beat out many of business’s websites on searches. I find that the glommers are many times tougher to beat to the top of the first page of results than it is the client’s competition. The trick with the glommers is to play their game and beat them to the punch as much as possible.


I believe he was referring only to meta keywords in the header, not content keywords. The tag has been deprecated for many years.


Very good a topic like this, where diverse opinions only do well to the knowledge.
Congratulations to all of you.


Hmmm… Not sure if it was said here but Mobile has changed things and some of the “depreciated” tags are actually used.

Also when it comes to search engines you really need to watch what they do because they can say all sorts of things but in practice it may not be so. Depending on the engine. Then there is sites like facebook and others that have their own rules and scraping abilities. SEO is a game.

If you target real people and focus on readership versus search engine placement you will end up having both rankings and following versus just “visitors.”


hmmm, I always thought that google used meta descriptions for snippets …
“Google will sometimes use the meta description of a page in search results snippets, if we think it gives users a more accurate description than would be possible purely from the on-page content. Accurate meta descriptions can help improve your clickthrough; here are some guidelines for properly using the meta description.”