Google Pinegrow and

What’s up with this Morbise web site builder utilizing Pingrow name…?

Well there’s good SEO for you! :smiley:

That’s actually a paid, sponsored result.
Ad at the beginning of it… Google are being Paid to return the Result if someone types in Mobirise…

I wouldn’t have thought that was Mobirise devs doing that really.

Just checked it here, I don’t get that result with Google and the simple mobirise search term, neither do I get it via

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heheh, guess google algorithm has identify in me a potential new customer.
Maybe my location, maybe my search history…crazy…

@red-rosefields - I guess we have been searching for the same things, because I do get the mobirise ad!

That technique is not new for Mobirise they did it back in 2017 / 18. I believe I let Matjaz know back then and he may have contacted Google because for a while those ads stopped. I guess Mobirise must think the coast is clear for another run and are back at it.

Google Ad - Mobirise - Pinegrow - Screen Shot