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Multisite lifetime hosting with a dragify site builder for $50 -oh and Arch Hosting added too


Update 3- IT’S ALL DONE… my god, what a confusing Ball ache that was! my god! will explain it all agian later.
multiple account sent ups, lots of emails, different account confirmation emails and stuff… jesus! IM going for a walk

*UDATE No 2 - IVE GOT THE PACKAGE…er and …emm… has since become unreachable
-OH! its back up :slight_smile: *
Interesting… maybe wait a while…

UPDATE no 1 -15% off if you BUY IT VIA THIS LINK Valid for 5 hours only.

using code FRI15
when you go to pay, click the I HAVE A PROMO code or suchlike, tick box, top right.
so thats another $7.50 off! cant be bad for a life time.


OH, I just got a referrer code.
if any of you click this and go on to view this deal and SIGN UP I do, indeed earn A WHOLE DOLLAR! $
GO on, make me (not very) rich :slight_smile:
they do have some rather fab deals here I have been tracking them for a few years.
quite a few freebies too.

any, here’s all the info

here you go.

Excellent if your on a budget… but… I’ve done a bit of investigating into the small print.

Im not sure how many sites.
it says unlimited sites
and 10 cms.

AH! that appears to be cleared up in THIS ARTICLE
which is a cheaper offer for just the dragify app (which I’m not that bothered about as its the hosting which interests me)

seems pretty handy/awesome offer though

mmmmm and, so then you look into the details! the SPECS… to clairfy…
and some ambiguities.

Such as
The Dragify LIFETIME subscription.
Not really that interested in it, as I have Pinegrow :slight_smile: but, varying tools can be fun (albeit, you loose waaaay more time learning yet another thing) but, its part of the package so lets check it it out…

ah, so …lifetime subscription is…for a year. er ok. but I guess that means your ORIGINAL software (which will outdate) is valid…for a year? yes?

and then,

it says 10 Sites CMS… what the heck does that mean? CMS?..
mmm lets check thier website out…


the repetition of the same drop down article at on the bottom of this image is unnerving…
I mean even I WOULD’T do that on sales page. and the odd spelling mistake or two.

so, does that mean that the SITEBUILDER (dragify, cloud app) is THE… CMS, it is managing the sites>
and that it can only handle 10 sites at a time?

…but you have unlimited sites, apparently… ok then… so the rest is for Pinegrow/hand code then :slight_smile:
oh, but in the hosting plan … it says 4 sites! including its script installer for wordpress.
lets check out…

… the hosting…

Minimum server specifications: 4GB Disk Space
200GB Bandwidth Per Month
Host up to 4 websites
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Emails
Automated Softaculous Script Installer

unlimited emails? erm… well… yes and no.
unlimited NUMBER Of emails, BUT!..

from other sites linking to this ,
(sold out, similar offer -check the Specs tab for the info)
we see… they are limited to 500MB.

so don’t let Auntie Doris, keep sending you 20MB pictures of her kitties!


But, I do like the wording at the bottom of this page

under the Questions part.

And as an aside… Arch Linux (based in America) are still running thier two offers too.



ooh this is all too much excitment… its PANCAKE TIME!.. cheers for the pancake Juliet!

I might just have to get one of these after
I already share unlimited hosting/reseller plan with a friend, but its good to not have all your egss in one basket.

what do. you guys think?

and what other fab hosting plans do you know of?
One off payments/lifetime subscriptions would be a good starting place


Ok! carrying on with this topic, I have contacted thier support and

  1. They DO reply.
  2. They have an upgrade plan to the pro version of their plan, at a similar (the same- on top ) discount

so that is ANOTHER $49 (which is what was already paid for the previous package)
which allows:-

  • Dragify Drag and Drop Website Builder (Pro Edition)
  • Create Unlimited Websites
  • Free Support and Updates
  • 150+ Drag & Drop blocks + future 222 Professional block


although I am not really keen on their Terms of Service.

I mean, what happens if you are hosting multiple sites for multiple clients and … ONE OF THEM, doenst play ball?

do they close YOUR account… and all of your other clients sites go down?
I shall ask them and find out.

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I give you credit for spending so much time exploring and sifting through all the “fine print”, or as I’d call it, “gotchas!” on these offers. Remember the old saying, “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

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yes, you might have a point.
Luckily its sunny at the moment and I am now getting out a bit more :smiley:he hee

ie, less research!


So! Wotchya guys think of THESE Apples then eh?

lifetime Pro builder (no hosting) shedloads of SEO tools (HEAT maps… woo hoo etc), Project management, Customer ticketing system

Wordpress plugin draggy droppy builder
membership thrown in!

plus other stuff!

and the SEO tools etc arent tied to their hosting/products, you can use them on other hosts too.

YOu just have to already have one of their products to qualify (er, I have bought the Dragify lifetime pro with hosting package above…er… this is included again! (without the hosting) in this deal - so just waiting to hear from them on how that would work out - what can connect with what etc)

And of course…I havent even used the above package yet in Combat!
Much like my beloved Pinegrow… ahhh… croons… my precioussssss

But I have plans… afoot :slight_smile:
what do you guys think of that Builder lab offer above by Dragify?
$59 if you already have a product by them, for life for all those things , including updates (or at least until they are bankrupt and fold)

what do you think?
oh and if any of you think WOW! and go for it, just say that your beloved @schpengle sent you along :slight_smile:

Light me up! what do you think of this offer
oh its only for this weekend apparently… er its MOnday here today, its still going :slight_smile.
This lot , the dragify hosting, my other hosting company and pinegrow…
I mean… what else could I possibley need>?

OH yes… Skillz!



Ive heard from them already,

this is good! very fast response times from them on most things Ive asked about.

SO, it would appear that, my Dragify Pro product wouldnt be replicated/repeated as. …

I already have it . seems fairly logical, although, maybe adding more sites in the CMS manager (over 10) would be nice …says the man who hasnt completed one yet!

Oh well, I have dreams.


…well, hell, Its a nice reply, so I shall past it here for them

*HI Ian,

Since you already have the Pro HTML builder nothing will be different with that since with this deal it is just one of the tools in this bundle.

So basically you will be getting access to each of the other products. The WordPress builder is a plugin for WordPress and does not work hand in hand with the HTML builder. Meaning you can build in HTML and then export to the WordPress builder. In short it is a separate building platform just for WordPress.

The bundle is basically being put together with the beginner or getting started in mind. Once a few more things are in place then we will start to work on some tutorials on each product and how to best utilize them. The ‘extreme’ value we’re running on it is mainly due to the lack of tutorials. We figured getting the tools in the hands of users is a good first step.*

So, I think it sounds rather compatible with Pinegrow! …it doenst even have completed documentation yet! :slight_smile:
They both come from the same stable :smiley:

But kind of seriously , ish, where as Pinegrow is the Bees Knees for Web development (front end) for doing everything as it should be,

I am hoping that the Dragify builder will be a lighter weight , but Fun, and productive tool for knocking out nice simple sites - and I am intrigued by what the Wordpress plugin will be like and how it would compare to say other free tools, like Elementor and such like.

right, lets do it :slight_smile: …after I figure out just how much I have already spent and whether this makes sense and IM not duplicating too many products Ive already paid for.


Give Bootstrap Studio a look-see (assuming you like working in Bootstrap.) They now have free hosting as well with their pro license ($60) which includes lifetime updates. And, they update fairly regularly with new features. So far, the program has been rock-solid for me, and I can actually bang out simple sites faster in BS than in Pinegrow. The one downside, of course, is that it can only work with sites built IN Bootstrap Studio. It does allow importing of CSS, JS, and HTML-kinda. And anything you can’t complete in BS, you can always finish in Pinegrow (though then you’re now tied to PG for all future work.)


Ah cheers for that @Printninja,
but, Well I’ve gone for it!

With Dragify :slight_smile: As I have already bought into their Product line of many and varied packages, I have free lifetime hosting for 4 sites and this BONKERS HUGE set of SEO stuff, a whole set of 31 online courses and a shedload of quirky looking offerings.
All for less that BS Studio.
And I’m not limited to Bootstrap.

I’ve also emailed the guy about some stuff and to be honest, I like their attitude :slight_smile:
Much the same as when I first went with Pinegrow, a bit ahead of the curve and STILL like everything about that and their attitude,

SO! Lets get this Show on the Road then eh?

:slight_smile: weird, funky draggy droppy and full on Hardcore PG dev.

now with added SEO (N.B> if anyone is good at SEO, send me info/pointers as I need to start doing that for a friends site)


Hi @schpengle,

I am interested how you will feel down the road with this offering. It seems some whom have signed up over time have made some rather disappointed comments across the web. But perhaps various issues have been worked out over time?

Oddly enough, to me their builder:

Looks like a slightly modified and skinned version of …

HTML Builder (Front-End Version) by chilly_orange

Or something similar. :thinking:


I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty sharp when it comes to SEO. What would you like to know?


Hmmm… took a look at the Dragify website. First impression… their own site has issues (layout problems.) Assuming it was built in Dragify, they’ve got some things to work on. Second impression… it would cost me $100 a year to use their program for what I do (building unlimited sites for others.) Third impression… who is Pagestead? Is Dragify a reseller for Pagestead? They seem to be the same company/builder with two different names. Fourth impression… the Terms and Conditions for their hosting are draconian. Fifth impression… I don’t like their builder at all. You can’t see what is in the blocks without actually dragging them on to the page. There should be some sort of pop-up window with an enlarged image of what the block looks like. For me, it’s a pass.


Yes, I’m with you on some of those points.
ie. the T&C’s - where they can just drop your sites if one of them goes rough is, well mortifying. And the layout on mobile is, well interesting to say the least. And bizarrely I had already taken a punt on their Pro Builder but not really got around to hammering it out -as life happened to me again… Life…I get a lot of life… sheesh.

But yeah it was this whole package thing with regards the suite of tools that I rather thought I’d buy into…to explore.

I will see where it pans out, will show you some of the highs and lows, mainly because I thought it might be an interesting addition to the PineGrow thing… and then?

…well, Apparently there is now gonna be a seedling…squirrel…Conify sort of thing.

See? yet again I was ahead of the curve.
When I was getting Pinegrow, friends asked why I didnt get Dreamweaver or CC…er…no thanks


oh and thanks @Printninja. Well, just an instant do this on CURRENT tactics/strategies softwares, best practice :slight_smile:you know,
just all of that :slight_smile:
I basically have to help my friends Hotel website and Ive given him some feedback before I even start SEO.

And im doing some updated SEO courses now, and , hence dragify, looking for tools to accomplish this.

Ie, Ive just got all the dragify offerings,
but also looking at

(this just came in today -e xpensive

and the such as this

basically, I’m grasping at straws, looking at big saving deals, on the off chance that the offered tools could patch the gaps in my knowledge and/or allow me to build on their results to learn better and quicker.

what thinks Ye?


The Local Leads thing looks interesting. I’d actually consider that for myself. I’ll have to do some more research. The HumCommerce thing looks a lot like Google Analytics combined with a heat map tool (which there are free ones available.)

SEO basics are, well, basic.

The three most important things that need to be kept in mind when building your website are…

  1. Page titles
  2. Heading tags
  3. Choosing the right keywords for your industry and area

Keywords are used in both page titles, heading tags and body copy, and they work in concert with each other, the goal being to establish a certain degree of “density” but not so much that the page becomes “spammy.” It’s important to keep in mind that most search these days is local search. Google will see where the person is located, and return results that are geographically closest in most (but not all) cases.

Good content is the king in terms of SEO. Google’s goal is to answer people’s questions to the best degree possible. If it knows about a website, and thinks it will be the best answer to a person’s search, that’s the site that will rank highest. There are, of course, other factors. Google doesn’t actually understand what is written on a site. It’s just trying to match words, so there are other things that it takes into consideration when decided if a site is the “best match.” Social media presence is also very important, as are backlinks to the website. Backlinks were originally the most important aspect of SEO, but they were also the way that was most manipulated (after keyword “stuffing”.) Nowadays, it’s a lot harder to manipulate Google’s algorithm. It can tell when backlinks aren’t genuine, and social media shares are even harder to fake than backlinks. But at the end of the day, good content is where it’s at.

A good place to start (I’d say the best place actually) is right here…


Cheers for that, yeah I’m ok with those bits , they are still mostly the same (without the keyword stuffing and link farms) as before, so that’s not too bad.
I have been updating my understanding of that lot and was suprised to see that 1-2% keyword is about correct now for google! wow, with variations on the theme as it runs AI over them and kind of has some virtual understanding of what your getting at nowadays.
I will try and check out the Meta data stuff and all sorts.

Cheers for the feedback :slight_smile:
till laterz oh and happy belated Halloween :slight_smile: