Redesign site organization

I want to redesign my site to focus solely on art and get rid of my graphic design as I just watched PG 6 bootstrap tutorial.

  1. Unfortunately my site pages are all Foundation 6.6. Anyway to convert them to Bootstrap?
  2. Do I need start over with Bootstrap 5 to take advantage of the PG 6 new features?
  3. Suggestions on organizing my gallery Foundation 6.6 pages, which are each have separate folder, projects?

Hi @kat,
I don’t think there is an “easy” way to convert between Foundation 6.6 and Bootstrap. Right now the Design panel and Floating Tools only work with Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS projects. You will have to weigh the cost-benefit between keeping your site on the same framework with updating versus switching to Bootstrap and having to learn a brand new system for some (possibly minor) new features to help page building.

As for your third point, that is some hard advice to give. Everybody organizes differently and your hosting will also have impact on how to get all of your files to the final location. Is your site currently having problems that make you feel like you have to change the organization?


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Hi @kat,

Think it easier now with the new Bootstrap 5 building blocks. First make a plan on paper with your old website in mind and your new ideas. Create the Bootstrap 5 website and build the blocks. There are even complete Home, Content and Contact pages that you only have to style according to your taste. Finally transfer your important content and create new. (I mean the text and images).

For the gallery I would take Light Gallery:

A peace of cake to implement. You can try it for free and if you like it purchase a one time license $18.



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No problem with my site. But I want to focus strictly on art. I love the cohesiveness of bootstrap 5 PG6 site on your tutorial. So now on to designing new icons and maybe a big image banner.

Very cool, but I’ll pass. Thanks for linking it.