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I just purchased the editor / designer (as it now appears to be called) and it looks as good as the short online video demos: it looks pretty slick. However, when I click on the “Register” link, I am told I cannot register. Is the link broken? What is the issue?

I do not see a commonly used “Help” menu that tells me what version of PWE I have, how to update / upgrade, etc. How do I know which version I have? Because I just downloaded and installed the program, I presume I have the latest version.

Is there a “real” help file, that I can download and read at my leisure? The online version is a little to disjunct for me.

Support -> Purchase & Activate is where you put in your license and activate the software.

Under Support -> About it will show the current version you have.

The documentation is only online.

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First of all I do not work for the company so I don’t have to do anything. I am just a user who purchased the software after using the Trial to see if it would be of use to me.

If you already put in your key and followed the steps then you are good to go. If you want to know what version you have installed for Pinegrow it is in the ABOUT like I said and if you want to check which version you have purchased Pro, WP or the basic version whatever it is called it is in the Purchase & Activation section as I said above too. To make it easy for you I made a graphic of where those are located at in the software.

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WOW. :astonished: ?

Not sure all that or really any of it was warranted. Perhaps you yourself misunderstood things.

1.) You register through the app. In Pinegrow you enter your Email and Serial# in the app, as Terry has shown in the screenshot. Updates are pushed automatically and you will get notification when you start the app if it finds an update. You can also see release notes here. In the same menu shown in the screen grab you can check “About” and see the version you have.

2.) In Atom you have to search for “Pinegrow”, just like any other Plugin you are trying to find and install.

Again I don’t think those types of reactions after just downloading and misunderstanding things yourself were warranted. It seems more like a technical problem between the chair and the monitor to me. Congrats on making so many friends here at the forum with your attitude, that should be handy going forward.

I too am merely a user, contrarily to yourself, a grateful one.



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