What's up with support?

I own a registered copy of Pinegrow. I made the one time payment years ago, and also paid for an upgrade after that. Back on Saturday my copy of Pinegrow stopped functioning, asking me to input my serial code, and when that failed my license key using the manual verification. However even though it verifies it continues to ask for verification and I can not save!!!

Since Saturday I have emailed support with the issue 4 times. It is now Tuesday and I have not received a single reply. Meanwhile I can not work using Pinegrow. Does anyone have any idea where support has disappeared?

I’m guessing that Pinegrow updated to a new version (on it’s own and without my request) that I can not run. So, even though I have paid my one time subscription it updates to a new version I am not subscribed for, and then disables my paid version all together. Then, support will not respond to my requests for help.


Hello Edward,

Support is up and running however I’m really sorry but after checking, I discovered that your messages have been intercepted by our anti-spam system. (it happens sometimes, but unfortunately, because of many abuses, the use of an anti-spam system is essential nowadays)

Please accept our apologies. I will send you an answer within 10 minutes.

Thank you, but I received your reply, which gave me the license key, but as you can tell from my post I already had that and my product code. I have sent you a reply email. Please be on the lookout for that lest it end up in the spam folder. Thank you.

Thank you. I received your reply. However it did not work.

Upon clicking Activate I receive the message:

“Pinegrow could not be upgraded. Please check if your email and serial number are correct. If you are trying to start the trial you should use the form 1. Start trial, not this one. Contact us if the problem persists, we’ll help you out.”


You are now white listed in our anti-spam system, and you receive our messages directly in your inbox, so it is no longer necessary to also post your answers/messages here.

Hi Emmanuel. Is my email address back in the spam list. I only ask because after I emailed you the last short video showing how your solution did not work I have not heard for you in 2 days, though I have emailed twice. My Pinegrow editor has now been down since Saturday. I am a professional web designer who has come to rely on Pinegrow as my main editor. When it goes down it hampers my living. When it is down for almost a week it makes me regret my decision to use Pinegrow, particularly when support fails to respond to my requests for help.

As it stands (see the video) manually entering my key is accepted by Pinegrow, and the program will function UNTIL it is closed. Then it goes through the whole process again of needing activation, over and over again. My guess would be that something is not being written to the registry by the program, but what do I know. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE a fix. Thank you so much.


Again, with all apologies for the inconvenience, for some reason I have indeed just found your last two emails back in the global spam filter. It is possible that your email address is being reported by third parties for malicious purposes, or because it is being used elsewhere for malicious purposes.

Apart from pointing out that your mails are not spam when I find them so tagged (what I just did again), if they are reported again elsewhere and because we use a system that is updated live, I unfortunately have no other means of action.

For the rest, we have responded through the support and are waiting for your clarifications.