Remove empty classes from css file with visual studio editor

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone knows of a plugin for visual code editor to remove empty classes from my css, I use scss and then I go to visual studio code editor and minify the css file but I get errors (not really errors just letting me know) about empty classes in the stylesheet it would also decrease the size of the file I would think, this is probably coming from the bootstrap file that I include in my scss when exporting it. I would be really thankful if someone knows of a good plugin that would remove this with a single click in visual studio code editor :slight_smile:

Hi @grimur,
I was looking for one awhile ago without much luck. You can either set-up a taskrunner or I have a free plugin for Pinegrow that you can download. It strips unused rules and combines multiple stylesheets into one. Doesn’t minify though (If I remember correctly - it has been a little while!).

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Oh yes forgot about that one, will have to have a look. Thank you :slight_smile:

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