Renaming or Moving JS

I recently created a simple website I was able to download from “Webflow” as an existing customer. Now that I have my base website up, I’m going to be using PineGrow to change some of the look and feel of the site. There are “webflow.js” mentions that are in the older code. Can they be renamed along with the folders and the site still function correctly? I know I can do this in CSS but I’m not sure about JavaScript.

Thanks in advance.

It depends on how those files are written and how it refers to itself if at all.

In general as long as you change all the reference links to the file it should just work but in some circumstances it won’t for example if the name is hard coded into the file when or if the code were to reference the file itself or call home and the file name is expected to be a certain name. I never do that in my code but third party app creators may.