Requesting Tailwind Purchase Advice - Pros and Cons

Considering adding Tailwind license to Pinegrow. Need help in deciding if this is a helpful thing or not. I think I get the simplicity aspect - a naming system that makes coding easier. But then it’s another thing I’ll need to learn. Is it worth the trouble? Thanks for any advice.

Also, can I use it along with Rob/Bob’s UIKit plugin (which I have previously purchased). Or do the two conflict?

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Hi @SilverT,
On the greater web, this question is a little like throwing chum into shark infested waters! There are a lot of pros and cons, and a lot of people very passionate to point them out. I have to admit, that for a long time I wasn’t a fan of Tailwind CSS, but I’m beginning to like it a bit more. Overall, this is going to be pretty much a non-answer, just a very neutral opinion.

I think the learning curve isn’t very steep for Tailwind, but there are several hundred (at least) classes. Some people feel it is less opinionated than Bootstrap, the end product has more of a unique look than most Bootstrap pages. It doesn’t have as many pre-made components as Bootstrap (or UIKit) - both a plus and a minus. Overall, I guess it just depends on what works for you. Each of the frameworks has a slightly different build flow. The best thing I can think of is to try a build a small page with Tailwind CSS and see if it works for you.

PS - I wouldn’t use it with UIKit - they actually do work together, but there is some overlap with responsiveness where they would likely conflict…


Thanks @RobM for your very helpful reply. You’ve answered my questions. Meanwhile, still thinkin’ … maybe I just buy it, and if I end up not using it, oh well. Call it “supporting the arts”