Resize background image of a scroll-over

I’ve created a scroll-over that changes the background image as you scroll up. Is there away to have the backround images resize to the media viewpot? Now my backgrounds size remain static (please see my site at and my CSS:

Is there someway to change the css so these background images will resize to fit the viewport?
[Also - how do I copy/include my html or CSS code here?]

Hi @randyrie,
Not sure exactly the look you are going for. Generally you can use ‘background-size’. That can be used to set a width based on the container like background-size: 100vw;
As for adding code to the forum, just surround it by backticks (below the tilde on most keyboards).
Hope this helps,

Thanks for your advice @RobM … I’ll add this to my CSS style sheet and see if it will resize.

I added your suggestion and I am now getting the resizing I want. Thanks again @RobM