Reusing Interaction

Hello. I make some Interactions for a website. And I try to reuse Interactions with other elements (other class). Is there a way to reassign an animation to another element?
Because it’s a little bit strange to make something, and it’s not possible to reuse it when the animation is exactly the same. Or if it’s not possible, maybe a copy/paste option? I saw I can copy/paste one timeline per one timeline, but not the entire animation.

You should use the “Apply to Many” under the all interaction panel.

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Yes, but Apply To Many is for applying all the list of interactions, not only one animation.
I thought, if you give a name to an animation (like a class, or id), this name is usefull for reusing this animation on others elements in the website.

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I think it should also be possible to copy animations not just whole interactions with several animations.