Reusing Interaction

Hello. I make some Interactions for a website. And I try to reuse Interactions with other elements (other class). Is there a way to reassign an animation to another element?
Because it’s a little bit strange to make something, and it’s not possible to reuse it when the animation is exactly the same. Or if it’s not possible, maybe a copy/paste option? I saw I can copy/paste one timeline per one timeline, but not the entire animation.

You should use the “Apply to Many” under the all interaction panel.

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Yes, but Apply To Many is for applying all the list of interactions, not only one animation.
I thought, if you give a name to an animation (like a class, or id), this name is usefull for reusing this animation on others elements in the website.

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I think it should also be possible to copy animations not just whole interactions with several animations.

You can copy the entire Interaction and paste it to another element on your page. This should solve your problem?

But I want to repeat my feature request from May: By playing around with interactions sometimes I need to assign the animation to a different element (e.g. parent div). I now need to recreate lots of animations because I created one for each child but it turned out, that it would be better to assign the animations all to the parent div (because I wand to stop playing other animations this only works in one interaction). Because I can only copy the entire interaction, not separately animations, I have to create all of them again :cold_sweat:

Hi @Riccarcharias,
I want to make sure I understand your request.
GIven the structure:

div A
    div B
    div C

If you add 3 animations to div B, do you then want to:

  1. Play just one of the animations on div C?
  2. Move all the animations to div A?
    Sorry for the confusion,

Hi @RobM , thanks for your answer!

I can create an interaction with several animations (interaction 1, interaction 2…) e.g. for div B. I can then copy the entire interaction to div A or div B. But I can’t copy separate animations (interaction 1, interaction 2…).

I had the following problem: I had an animation on div B and one on div C. I needed to assign these animations to div A (because all the animations should stop by playing one of them). If I copy the interaction from div B, I can paste it to div A. But copy and paste the interaction from div C also to div A will delete the interaction from div B because div A can only hold one interaction.

If I could copy animations separately, I could insert the animations vom div B and C into one interaction on div A. I solved the problem by source copying the code manually (pgia) which works. But you have to be careful and understand the code structure…


Yes I understand what you mean. When I add an extra interaction to a element and then copy the interaction from elsewhere pasting that interaction to the extra interaction, it erases the extra interaction and adds the pasted interaction to the first interaction, erasing the first interaction original data .

Only way now is: create a extra interaction on the same element and edit the second interaction by hand.

Or there must be some unknown trick!

That should be changed!

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