Save All does not have a hotkey?

is there any way to edit the key mapping so that i can have a hotkey for the the “Save All” function?

like Ctrl-A or something?

These are the current standard ones,which include one for Save All but, no, there is no way, currently, to edit them.

And watch out with Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Shift + Z as their expected behaviour can be somewhat Ropey … ie, it doesnt do it on the page you expect it too! (Ctrl = Cmd on windows.)

Also, sometimes, if you undo to an older edit, then save, you loose the following edits so you cant go forward in your edit history to a more recent time.

thanks for the link, but the save all hotkey combo doesn’t work on my windows version of PRO.

the update-all does tho, which is handy.

does Save All show a hotkey shortcut on the pull down menu for you?

i’m using PRO on windows and it does not show a hotkey for me (even tho it’s listed in the link you provided).

when i get too deep in undo/redo operations, it helps me to look at the listing on the left side (by default), next to the project folder.

Hi @droidgoo, sorry for delay, I was building stables :slight_smile:
The only stable thing in my life right now… ho ho ho…oh I just kill myself… I must be front of the queue…

so! for me on a Mac, it shows Alt(or Opt) +Cmd+S

so in windows land that could be ALt+Ctrl+S

…maybe :slight_smile:
Luckily I cant check that out right now…Yay!