Saving Issues with Sass - rules deleted unexpectedly


I’m having issues with saving. On multiple occasions, I have lost rules from the custom.scss.

I cannot think of the steps to reproduce this. However, in this recent loss, there was an error from one of the components - so this may have had an impact?

  • The error was about a deleted field in an unrelated component - a side banner…
  • The sass rules that were lost were being created for a non-component
  • The Pinegrow backups also have the new rules missing
  • I was editing a component definition, in another file when the rules went
  • I had the code view window of the custom.scss file open throughout
  • I was not using master pages, simply a page constructed with components… and a new section in it where I was working

I was saving regularly throughout the session and seeing notifications that the work had been saved. Due to earlier saving issues, I was committing to my git repo regularly, and so was able to discard the sudden loss of Sass rules from custom.scss, so I only lost a small amount of work. The html is fine, it still has the missing classes assigned to the elements.

See below image of the rules discard

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Hey @timbowerbank,
Sorry for your problems.

Do you mean in the Pinegrow code window, or an external code editor like VSC?
Second, is the compare above showing the old undeleted .scss file on the left vs the new .scss file, or the generated .css file? Seems like the rules are not only deleted, but changes are being made to the existing? Is the right-hand rule an older version - like PG reverted back to an earlier copy?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the note back.

The code view was only open in Pinegrow. The project was open in VS Code but no pages open.

The screen shot is from VS Code and is looking at the version history (via Git), so it’s the same file but at different commit points… the lefthand view is the last commit and the righthand view are the changes that Pinegrow made (i.e. the deletions of rules etc.).

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Tim

So I guess the rule on the right is from farther up the style sheet, or…?

Hi Bob,

On the right-hand side, you can see the class .pd-listing-banner-wrap… this is the latest update done by Pinegrow… on the left you can see that all the media queries for .pd-listing-banner-wrap which were there… but then disappeared by Pinegrow removing them.

So left-hand side, is how it was and how it needs to be. The right-hand side is the file after Pinegrow has unexpectedly removed those media queries.

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Hi Tim,
But at some point did you enter the rule on the right, or is it totally fabricated by Pinegrow? Right now I’m having a hard time replicating your error. I’m using the Master pages project that you sent and adding rules. So far no pattern to reproduce the problem you are having. Have you changed any setting for the compiler from the settings menu?

Hi Bob,

I had created the class on the right at some previous point… perhaps this was the last PG backup that it rolled back to?

In the session that was lost, the media queries were added.

Perhaps its the component setup - try adding some mods to the Sass file for listing.html, save, close the html, then open up standard-all-options.html and modify the sidebar component definition and then do a site-wide component update. I think that is where I was when it was lost.

I might add, that this is the third time this has happened.

Thanks for your help and attention.


Tim Bowerbank
Pendigital Limited
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Sorry, I didn’t answer your question about settings… no, I haven’t touched them… they’re as they were - the default.

With thanks Tim

Reference this update: Pinegrow Web Editor 5.992 – March 18, 2021

Does this fix the above? Or is it related to something else?