Can't manually edit SCSS code - outside changes

I used to be able to do this. I don’t know if some updates broke this. Here’s the deal: I’m editing a BS4 page and PG has the CSS associated with the original SCSS. All the modifications I do to the SCSS through PG’s interface get compiled and just work.

However, I want to edit the same stylesheet to go faster with something (or to clean dead breaking code PG has generated while trying to process a correct CSS snippet… but that’s for another day). To do so, I do what I’ve always done, click one of these code buttons:


The SCSS editor pops up just fine, I do my edit and press save and it always errors with this:

I thought having webstorm opened (with all files closed though) might interfere so I’ve tried with PG alone. Resetting, reloading, rebooting… nothing. So my local edits through PG’s interface seem to be considered outside changes that can’t stay.

So I have to do the idiocy of opening a text editor because PG’s editor is unusable, and then with the same warning choosing to reload, the code stays. Otherwise, the changes vanish.

I have the latest PG and I’m working on a macOS 10.12.6

Do you have one of the the accompanied HTML pages opened at the same time? From the Bootstrap 4 project?

Nope, I don’t. (Post must be at least 20 characters)

The reason I ask is because I do all my Bootstrap SASS editing in Pinegrow (also in the Pinegrow editor) with Sublime text 3 next to it opened and noticed it only works when at least one HTML or PHP page from the Bootstrap 4 project is openend in Pinegrow! I read that you have all files closed? That can be the reason it doesn’t work!

Dit you try the same procedure with a page from the project openend?

I’m not sure I understand you. I have a folder open as a project (with a few HTML, and the SCSS file).

I have one HTML open in PG (doesn’t matter which HTML I have open, none work). The changes to the HTML code itself can be successfully saved, but not the changes to the SCSS code.

So I’m not sure what do you want me to try, because I have a page from the project open in PG.

That’s all I wanted to know, because without having a page opened it doesn’t work. Then there must be an other reason! Just checked it with the latest version of Pinegrow on one of my iMacs and it works flawlessly here.
You can when you have a backup of your site try: Page > Customize & Update Bootstrap Theme
Say yes to all appearing panels.
and then try it again.

I’ve had similar issues under Windows, so I’ve used Prepros as a compiler for Sass and I don’t reference the SCSS in the Pinegrow project, I only reference the CSS. So when the project is compiled with all of the partials and the CSS is updated, Pinegrow just simply refreshes and it just works. This avoids the issues with Pinegrow not being able to manage what it considers external edits. Another solution is to setup file watchers in PHPStorm or Webstorm to watch and compile, there’s just some mild configs do accomplish first. I hope this helps as an alternate solution.

I can’t try it right now, but honestly, I was expecting some bug fixing, this isn’t a feature.

Sure, I use gulp or the sass CLI. But this isn’t exactly why we bought PG.