SCSS Project Setup for a Beginner

Following @adamslowe tutorial, I was able to add the SCSS folder and set “theme.scss” as the source.

However, my classes and variables aren’t working.

If I try to add a class, it creates it as a new class and doesn’t pick up the SCSS partials.

The setup works fine in VS Code with Vite. I clicked on “Compile and Save”, all to no avail.

Another thing, I’m also trying to add local fonts following his YouTube video (found here - Local Fonts in WordPress: Manually and with Yabe Webfont - YouTube). Under Font Family, I could only see “Manage Google Fonts”. No option to add the fonts.css stylesheet.

I have tried to go through the docs, but I’m just not getting it right.

It would mean a lot if anyone could point me to any resource at all.

Thanks very much for your time and help.

P.S. Added a screenshot of my project structure.

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