Use Typekit fonts in Starter Theme

Hi, I’m new to Pinegrow and therefore started with the starter videos and the Starter Theme 2.

Everything looks nice in the videos, but I don’t even manage to change the basic font in SCSS :frowning: using my fonts from Typekit.

I tried to follow the instructions on but it looks like they are cut off right where I would need some further instructions… Can someone add the missing pieces of information? Which code needs to be added in order to make it work? (I’ve tried with $font-family-sans-serif: @import url(“”); in the custom.scss file, but that didn’t bring any result…)

Thank you to anyone who can help!

OK, I somehow managed to get the whole article, beyond where it cut off before (see screenshot – it was cut off like this on different computers, very strange…)

I added the @import at the right place and inserted
$font-family-sans-serif: ‘Foco’, sans-serif;
in the custom.scss, and the result in Pinegrow was as expected: All sans-serif text changed to Foco font. Yes!

However, on the local preview nothing changed, not after exporting and re-rexporting the theme, not after stopping and restarting localwp, not after flushing the cache in the wp-admin autoptimize settings… So what is the method I forgot to advance the font change to the local live version?