Seeking simple app evaluation help

I’m evaluating Pinegrow for purchase.

Question: How are images centered via editing tools? Can an image be selected and then just press a ‘center’ command or button?

I’ve avoided doing much of any code for 25 years now on my website, and need an app that at least centers images and paragraphs, (without code).


I look at PG as a visual code editor. There are UI elements that can create code for you, but PG is not a page builder like WIX or Elementor for WordPress. So, in short, you can type the code you need to center things, or you can use PG’s UI to create the code for you.

So if you have an HTML structure that is properly set up, then yes, you can click one of the UI buttons (which may be text-align: center, or if you’re using flex justify-contents: center) to have the image center.

You may find the Bootstrap addon useful as it has pre-created elements that will put the propper HTML and CSS structure together for you, then it would be a lot easier for you to use the UI to change the appearance of your application.

I hope that helps.

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