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Should I Buy ...?

I am a Website x5 Pro user who, for one reason or another, is looking for a new website design software. I still need a WYSWYG for design because I am NOT a programmer. I am a graphic designer who very occasionally designs a site for someone.

If I purchase PineGrow will I be a happy designer?
Also can I install it on my 2 computers (for the one fee) so that I may design at home or on the go. I don’t want to have to be on the computer at home to work on my projects.

Any advice welcome. Am considering a purchase … trying to decide today.

I think you need to have relatively good coding knowledge to get around with pg.
Download the trial and take it for a ride. See for yourself.

Thanks … can you recommend something else? A software like I need?

Years ago I used Dreamweaver. Been a few years though.


Give Bootstrap Studio a try. Coding knowledge still helps, but the learning curve is less steep.

Here is a new kid on the block I’ve found, which claims to be especially made for designers.
Like all visual-only tools it has its limitations. I have not found global text styles for example and it is cloud based, but you can check it out.

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