Woocommerce Shop-Page shows no content after a while


I made a woo commerce shop with PG WP and I’m quite happy so far, but I have a strange bug. After a while (nearly daily) the shop-page is empty (shows only the h1 but no h2 or products). It works immediately after I log into WP and edit the shop-page. I don’t even have to update it, the shop shows up when I’m in the editor of that site.

I have a static front page, a Theme I designed in PG with this guide and the shop page is just the standard shop page I designed with Gutenberg.

The error happened probably on my side - the PG WP Starter Project works fine. I’ll keep testing and update this thread. Maybe someone will do the same mistakes I made.

Hi @Riccarcharias,
This is most likely not a Pinegrow issue, but if you give a link I can take a quick look. Hard to diagnose with so little info.

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Thanks, here is the link: www.landgut-griessbach.de

Everything works but the Shop-Page is always after 20h or so empty (only header, footer and heading “unsere Produkte” is showing). I can bring the products back by opening the editor of the shop site in the WP Backend (I don’t have to change anything or update the page, its enough to just open the page in Gutenberg).

I took a look at what I could with the link and everything looks okay. Maybe you can ask your hosting company if they run any cron scripts at a regular interval.

My wife is from Germany and is salivating over your product page! A little feedback from her - she is having a hard time with some of the text (especially fancy fonts) being a little small and some other text being hard to see against the background images due to color.
Sorry I can’t help a little more!

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Thanks so much for your feedback! I will ask my provider if they run any cron scripts.

The site is still in progress, especially the shop part only looks like standard Woocommerce. I really got stuck with this problem…


I used the exact page structure from the PG Wordpress Starter Theme and the problem is still there. But it only occurs on the shop-page. When I put a Woocommerce block into a “normal” page in Gutenberg everything works fine.

The only thing I can recommend is to zip the project up and give me a link where I can download it. I’m not sure I can solve this one, but I can take a look.

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Hello @Riccarcharias

The exact structure of the Starter Theme 2 gives this result which - so far - does not present the problem you mention: Products – Starter Theme 2 Reboot Edition

So like @RobM, I suspect an external cause …
Did you develop your site by following the advice given here : Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor ?

This would allow us to have a functional version of your site AND of the project in order to look for the origin of the problem …

Note: Since your initial post 19 days ago, each time I go to your site http://www.landgut-griessbach.de/, I see the products.

Thanks so much. I think I can life with the problem right now and I hope that I can find the reason in the future gaining more experience.

The site I’m talking about is landgut-griessbach.de. You can see products because I’m not using the affected standard shop page but a “normal” site I created with Gutenberg and Woocommerce blocks.

Thank you for the given links, I will follow these advises in the future and see if I can find the reason of my problem. I will post an update if I can solve it.

Oops, sorry for that, my copy/paste was wrong. It is indeed http://www.landgut-griessbach.de/ that I visited regularly without problems several times during the last 20 days.

This is the standard Woocommerce shop-page (I renamed the slug):


Ok, I see, then I guess there is probably a misconfiguration somewhere, or a glitch with a custom modification.

I therefore reiterate my invitation to follow our instructions here and to send us your local site and the associated project so that we can investigate the situation.

Note: Does it work on your local dev site? (on your computer).
This is a first & mandatory development step before pulling the site live on the remote location.

This Website is my first step using PG with Woocommerce. I didn’t use a local installment, I testet the Theme always on the life site. I will definitely use a local installment the next time I’ll create a Woocommerce shop with my own PG template. I don’t want to waste your time with this beginner project. I’m quite sure that the problem lies on my site. I would like to do more tests and hopefully I’ll find the solutions myself. If not, I will happily follow your offer.

@Riccarcharias We have a cool tutorial about how to start with the Starter Theme 2 here: Learn WordPress Development with the Pinegrow Starter Theme 2 | Pinegrow Web Editor

And today, I have updated our directly usable version of Starter Theme 2 which is a 100% pre-configured site archive (packed with structure, content, examples and more…)

It can be used immediately on your computer through the use of the free and multi-platform (mac/win/linux) Local.app Lightning application.

The site archive runs on PHP 8, WordPress 5.6.1 and has (as of February 19, 2021) all the plugins needed for serious WordPress theme development, including the very last WooCommerce 5.0.

Feel free to play around with the project as much as you like. If it gets messed up you can simply spin up a fresh copy.

NOTE: I’m proud to say that as of February 19, 2021, the ST2 still passes the very last Theme Check (Version 20200922.1)

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