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Snapshots - just buying a pig in a poke?

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It’s “interesting” to see Snapshots released, but I can’t help but think that in its current form it’s hoping for a better editor than exists – certainly an editor that doesn’t exist within the Pinegrow stable.
It’s supposedly targeted at people who are non-code developers - like people in UX/UI who don’t have coding skills. Yet producing the modifications that such a person would desire would require WYSIWYG capabilities in Pinegrow, or whatever else the snapshots are to be used with - and this really misses all the “builders” - like CoffeeCup, Bootstrap Studio, Mobirise - which really leaves us needing “in house” code writing courses for everyone. Otherwise those “suggested modifications” like changing the size of headings - the given example - just couldn’t be done or easily communicated without all those emails the program is said to make unnecessary. That is, unless these easy “builder” elements are to be built into future versions of the application the promised benefits won’t be possible - if they are implemented, I’ll be happy - I bought the lifetime version, but why – hoping for future developments which might, or might not, eventuate. As I’ve suggested, that’s really buying a pig in a poke – some web program development tools have “roadmaps” of projected developments – this is sorely needed for this tool imho.

Please see my response to something similar, just a pro user, not a member of the PG team.