Import a Template (made by Pinegrow) back to Pinegrow?


I’ve created a WP Theme by using Pinegrow and I’m not having access to my project folder right now. The client asked me to do some changes and I’m wondering if it’s possible to download the theme from the web server and reimport it to Pinegrow?

Thank you!

Unfortunately you will need to use your project folder for this.
It is not possible to edit a production theme directly with Pinegrow.

Of course, there is still the possibility to modify your theme the old fashioned way (by hand, by editing the PHP files) but the changes will not be retrievable directly in Pinegrow when you have access to your project folder again.

Thank you! Will it be possible with the upcoming Pinegrow WP plugin?

No more than with the desktop version, once the theme is exported as PHP files.

If the theme has been created with the plugin, on the concerned server and the plugin is still installed/accessible, then it will indeed be possible to open the project, modify it and re-export the theme.