[solved] Pinegrow Starter Theme 2 - missing templates

Dear Geek Friends—

My aim is to install the Pinegrow Starter Theme 2 on my Wordpress dashboard to see how it works.

I also have a blank domain folder on my server with which to install a completely new Wordpress instance, which I think might be the best way to configure the theme. However… the .zip file I downloaded and tried to install caused Wordpress to throw an error to the effect there the installler contains no templates.

Am I barking up the wrong tree by trying to use it with my Pinegrow plugin on Wordpress?

Many Thanks, Glen

I just tried to load the last version of the starter theme 2 from the github archive on WordPress 6.41 and it went well (I had to setup the project variables as presented in the documentation).

Can you tell us more about your situation?

Note: While still valid and working quite well for its tech “age” The Starter Theme 2 is now pretty old and maybe you should consider having a look at our Blocks documentation instead?


Thanks for thinking about this for me. I am a static page coder confronting the need for published pages to be responsive to tablets and phones. None of my former work is responsiive. Hence Wordpress.

I am working to learn about WP and Pinegrow concurrently. I first got Pinegrow for the desktop to more easily creat CSS layout grids and the publisher has always talked about converting html pages into Wordpress themes.

When I attempted to download the Starter 2 theme (a zip file from my local drive) into an existing hosted Wordpress instance WP threw an error to the effect that the ‘theme’ had no templates and so could not be loaded without index.php or an html equivalent.

I used to have a working instance of Apache2 and php 7 on my Mac running Mojave. :Then I tried to install php 8 (which I almost could not find for the Mac and had to kind of hack to put it in the system) and the local server stopped working. Various efforts to fix it have been in vain. So I am working with WP on my hosting account.

I do seem to notice that Pinegrow works with html and then converts it to a WP theme, so maybe my idea of installing Starter 2 is wrong from the beginning. But it does seem like a good way to get into Pinegrow beyond grids, so I am trying to remain optimistic.

Thanks Again, Glen

@glen Indeed, the Starter theme 2 does not exist as a ready to use theme but as a Pinegrow project (made of html,css and so on).

So you have to open the project in Pinegrow, adjust the settings THEN you can export the theme to your local WordPress.

More about the Starter Theme 2 > https://pinegrow.com/docs/wordpress/pinegrow-wordpress-starter-theme-2/pinegrow-wordpress-starter-theme-2-documentation/

Our FAQ is also a very cool starting place: FAQ about creating WordPress themes with Pinegrow | Pinegrow Web Editor

Thank you for this guidance. As I reply to you I am working through the first part of the ‘responsive’ tutorial, feeling equal parts awe at Pinegrow’s capabilities … and chagrin at the numbers, locations, and unknown conventions in Pinegrow’s capabilities!