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Standard vs. Pro

I’m using the trial right now but want to buy the Standard version but I am not sure what the difference is between the Pro and Standard.

I know there is a list of things the Pro has the Standard does not but I am not sure if I need all of the things.

Currently I am only using the system to create email templates, would the Standard be fine and if not can I upgrade or have to spend the full $100 to upgrade.


Standard vs Pro
You have to decide for yourself if you need those extra features. Here you can read about those Pro features (page is from an older documentation, and screenshots are from the v2 interface but functional they work still the same in current v5).

You can always upgrade (or downgrade) to another version (if needed).

When the period of free updates is expired, you can renew for an extra year of free updates.

(I assumed that you were looking for a perpetual license, instead of the monthly subscription because the standard version is not available as montly subscription).

If you are going to be doing anything that is not a basic one page html document or site then you should get the professional version. The pro version also has all the CSS and typical web design features that you are use to or hear about.

If you are going to be working at all with Wordpress then you may want to invest in the Wordpress version. Be aware that this is only for Wordpress specific theme design and not for other CMS applications.

One page html documents ONLY the basic standard version.

Anything more involved then you want the PRO version.

If you work with Wordpress then consider the Wordpress version which is the PRO version with added Wordpress specific stuff.