Difference Pinegrow Theme Converter and WP Pro


I have a licence for Pinegrow Pro WP and see the Pinegrow Theme Converter for sale!? Do I already have this converter build in my Pro WP version? And if not why?

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You would need to upgrade to the Wordpress version of Pinegrow to get those features.
There are three versions of Pinegrow. Standard, Pro and Wordpress versions.

If you just wanted to make Wordpress Themes and that is all then the standalone application is what you want.

OK Thanks for that!

Pinegrow PRO does not have WordPress features
Pinegrow PRO with WordPress theme builder (also known as Pinegrow PRO/WP) does have the WordPress features

You should use your existing license of Pinegrow PRO/WP if you do most of HTML and CSS editing with Pinegrow, possibly in combination with code editor like Atom or VS Code.

But if you want to use other website builders - especially those that export the HTML code - then Pinegrow Theme Converter is the perfect solution for you.

The difference between these two apps is that Theme Converter stores WP actions outside of HTML source, thus making it possible to easily re-export HTML code from a different website builder app.

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