Styles sheets showing up twice

In the attached screen shot you will note that the following are included twice in the CSS panel but when checking the files in the project panel all is as it should be.


What is going on with this<img

src="//" width=“318” height=“336”>

When you display the code, what do you see?

Hi Emmanuel,

Attached is what I see in code today - and today is different to what was there yesterday - very confusing as all is back to normal in code and in the CSS panel - Do you have any idea what is going on here or what has caused this as I have seen it before?

It’s probably a refresh issue.
If the situation occurs again, can you please try to refresh the document? (CMD+R)

Hi Emmanuel,

That is the first thing I did - no result with that however if it happens again I will pay closer attention to all of what is going on.

Thanks for your help