Suggestion: a React or Vue component drag and drop tool

Hello Everyone, Hello Pinegrow Team,

I propose this idea because your software skeleton can do it.

And personally I don’t think that continuing to do wordpress in PHP is the future (it’s a personal opinion and I understand very well people who have the arguments to say the opposite)

My suggestion: create a solution of : drag and drop components ReactJS or vue.js?!?

Let me explain: there was the Figma revolution, the Tailwind css utilities, no-code, …
But now, we are moving towards a world of components (the no code) !

Let me explain: the developer has implemented a component (from the design system), then the UX designer will build the page with the suite of drag and drop components; so there will be less need for custom html integration in the future; the component then becomes crucial: it has many advantages: dynamic, structured, modifiable by its parameters, final rendering, possibility of exporting functional final code, …

And integrate components on git, or Storybook…

And the concept of Design System is completely neglected on Pinegrow

Here are some examples:


Merge by UXPin

Thank you I wish you all a pleasant day

Thanks for your interest @JoseFR

Vue component drag & drop… we are working on it… stay tuned for this - VueJS support for pinegrow - #17 by Akayy