Tailwind Color Palette Preview not updating correctly

Hi Pinegrow! Really like the Tailwind UI in Pinegrow, especially adding my own colors AND naming convention on the fly!

I noticed a visual bug: when you select a color from the panel, and wish to update it’s color, it will automatically generate the ramp so you can ‘preview’ it.

But when you cancel the operation and return the color to it’s previous panel, the ramp still uses the last color you set before you cancelled. In this example the color PINK.


Hi @BonoBoos,
Can you walk me through the steps that you are using to preview the shade generation on the existing color?


Open Pinegrow (latest version)
Open a project with Tailwind.css
Open the Design Panel, ativate first
Select a color from the palette
Change the color with the color picker
Instead of save, press cancel to revert to the original color

Result: you should see the generated ramp still using the last color you picked in the picker.

My best bet this is an update issue that doesn’t run when you cancel. The code should first set the color back to the original, then sample the ramp, then cancel picking a new color. That’s my instinct

Hi @BonoBoos (I should set-up a hot key for this - typed it a lot today!!! :slight_smile: )
Thanks for the report. I took a look and the other color palettes are still correct (Toolbar and Properties panel) so I guess it doesn’t propagate forward. It also reverts to normal if you close out the project and reload.

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