Missing Tailwind 3.0 Colors


When I start a new Tailwind 3.0 project, it only starts with 8 basic colors.
Where are the other 14 default Tailwind colors??


Hi @PwrSrg,
Displaying all of the Tailwind colors, along with all of the shades, makes the UI really large and difficult to navigate. We recommend instead to use the Design panel to customize which colors are displayed.
I hope this helps,

Hi @RobM, thanks for the suggestion. But I was hoping for more than a workaround (hack?) for software that claims to fully support Tailwind 3.

I bet if it were for WordPress, we would get the full palette. :upside_down_face:


On a side note, I really don’t see how this is “large and difficult to navigate”.

@PwrSrg If you have followed the evolution of Pinegrow, you know that since 2014, we are constantly working to improve the features offered in the application and not only regarding the integration of the WordPress theme builder :wink:

It happens that sometimes, the evolution of the multiple frameworks we support (Bootstrap, Foundation, TailwindCSS …) is very very frequent (I mean, the time between each new version is getting shorter and shorter) and it can collide with other ongoing developments of our internal roadmap.

Rest assured that we will offer better in the near future. In the meantime, the integration of TailwindCSS 3.x is here and we believe that the solution of using the design panel is still an acceptable solution.

Hi @Emmanuel , thanks for your input.

I was really looking forward to a real solution from you, but you just confirmed that there isn’t one. :confused:

So, not to continue to be hard on you guys, but I feel that every question I ask on here now is met with a workaround instead of a real solution, along with a “We feel that it is good enough”. Well I’m sorry to have to be the one to point this out, but there is a huge difference between “Correct” and “Acceptable”. And if the work I produced for my clients was “Acceptable”, I would be out of work.

As I have stated in previous posts, I have backed Pinegrow from the beginning, and I REALLY want to love this software! I really do! I can’t even begin to tell you the number of developers that I have suggested Pinegrow to over the years. But unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to love every year. :disappointed:

That said, I remain hopeful for the future of Pinegrow, and look forward to your improvements. In the meantime, I will continue to push forward with the Pinegrow we all have.

Thanks for the hard work in these trying times.

There are 22 colours with 10 shades per colour - so that’s going to be 220 colour shades to display. I guess the UI will lag while selecting ?

I am sure that is what they fear since the application is already so bloated with features that we can’t even see, not to mention will never be used.

The smart solution would be to mimic Tailwind 3’s “Just-in-Time, all the time” behavior. Why reinvent the wheel? Simply start typing ANY official color name into the color input field to swap out the Tailwind Color Palette with the same IntelliSense menu as the other fields, which contains the list of ALL official Tailwind 3.0 colors. Then whichever color(s) you pick are automatically added to the project. EASY. SMART.

What really surprised me though is that the Tailwind-specific “Add a new color” function doesn’t even offer the Tailwind colors!! Seriously?? At the very least you should be able to pick from the official list of colors. But instead it is “Acceptable” to force the user to have to go to the Tailwind website, find the exact hex code of each color you need, then type them into Pinegrow one by one. :thinking:

I’m sorry, but this is not what I would consider “User Friendly” nor “Native Tailwind Support”.

Message received, loud and clear!

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I think one of the biggest things that people don’t consider is when big tech is making changes faster, the next people in line also have to make changes faster.

This leads to a certain “gap” that has simply no remorse; adapt or die. The team behind PineGrow has been incredibly considerate and nice to us all over the years, me especially.

But so too you will have to deal with frustrated users on that side because other things will have a much bigger impact. And you can’t just pause for a second.

Second, I don’t think not having all the Tailwind colors in there is going to put you out of business. Nobody hardly ever uses them all, and second your client probably has a special color you need to add anyway.

I suggest getting to know Tailwind a bit better before you blame that problem on PineGrow, the intermediate.

I have as much painpoints with PineGrow as most of you, but then again you probably have as much joy with it too. Like if it’s the most normal thing to have, a visual editor that crunches the code most of us can’t write from memory.

So I hope you do find a quick workaround and tell us all about it, but in the meantime I would also like to appreciate you take the fact you do speak up about it and make the effort.

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