Test Driving Pinegrow

Hi everyone-

I am testing out PG on my website that’s basically a static HTML site with some PHP includes. I have 2 questions:

  1. When previewing my changes in the browser, the site is only showing the piece on which I’m working. The includes aren’t actually being included. In the PG interface, ok I get it, but shouldn’t it display in the browser? Did I miss a setting?

  2. The images are also not displaying (even background images, for example the gray band at the top is an overlay of a BG image) Is it that because this is a trial license and the functionality is limited?

2.5 Viewing the site at an XL breakpoint makes everything disappear? (See below)

The documentation specifies the following and the version number certainly doesn’t match mine.

IMPORTANT : Because it requires to access the Project mode, the Browsersync feature is only available with Pinegrow PRO 5.982 and > and is not available with standard or previous versions.