Thank you, Pinegrow

Let me preface this by saying I had 13 years of designing experience when I got out of it in 2012. I started designing in jr. high school and kept it up. I’ve always wanted to start a business on this but then lost interest in 2012, and now I’m just getting back into it.

I say that because Pinegrow’s web editor re-ignited my interest in what’s now called web development. Especially it’s especially re-ignited my interest when it comes to making custom WP layouts. I’m just now getting back into this and hoping to launch a business in 2020. A lot of the stuff is coming back to me but I see I need to learn Bootstrap further, and Java. I know where to go to do that.

I was a Dreamweaver user for almost a decade, going back to when it was by Macromedia. Now, that’s ancient history. But Dreamweaver’s workflow of making websites wore thin on me, and I came to HATE HATE HATE HATE coding by hand. I was very good at making websites in Photoshop, but man oh man, did I dread coding by hand…something I was good at but HATED it to death. Dull. boring, frustrating, and very error prone.

Fast forward to now, and there’s many great tools that blow DW out of the water, especially Pinegrow. Is it perfect? No, but I’m enjoying using it a lot more than Dreamweaver. On top of that, PG does what I need it to do: Make web layouts, and the WP inclusion is something I had been looking for. I had heard that Dreamweaver had lost it’s footing over the last decade and I definitely came to see why.


@xphen0m thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad that Pinegrow is useful for you. We’ll continue to do our best :slight_smile:

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