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Transforms & Transitions in Pinegrow 3 Visual Editor

Are there any tutorials for these anywhere? Looking at the options it looks like it OUGHT to be intuitive. I’m trying to do something really easy - like animate my menubar in from the top. I can see the animation working in the viewer window when i change the parameters in the Visual Editor. In the browser, however, I only see the Transform, but not the Transition. In other words if I set the Transform for the menubar to, say -100px to send the menubar above the browser window, I’d expect that a transition with the Property ‘transform’ at 500ms would act on this, but I’m not seeing it! Am I not binding the transitions to the transforms correctly? Any help greatly appreciated!

Pinegrow 4 Beta 4 released today, the public release is scheduled for next week. So hopefully this will include full documentation etc., on the many new features since v3, including the Visual Editor.