Tree - Source vs DOM mode

When opening a page, is there a way to always default to “Source code structure” as before? I think everyone wants to visually edit the Source as opposed to the generated DOM…

It looks like the default mode has changed after v6, isn’t it? Also would look good if you change “Source code structure” to “Source Code structure” in the dropdown, will look good :wink:

Hi @Akayy,
I believe that ‘Source code structure’ is still the default. However, if you change it, that setting is used on all other projects. It is a global “switch” rather than a project or page switch.
With regards to capitalization - all of the Pinegrow menus have an initial capital and the rest lowercase, unless it is something that is specifically capitalized like ‘DOM’ or ‘SCSS’


Thanks bunch @RobM… reopening page didn’t restore the mode, but restarting Pinegrow seem to have fixed it, must be one of those rare anomalies, didn’t happen again, will revert back if it happens again…

Apologies, I should have followed the standard restart technique before posting here :grimacing:

No problem, @Akayy!
I don’t think you actually need to restart. I think if you change it for one project it should change for all of them (not positive, though).