Trouble exporting to WP

Not sure how export works…

I am following the video tutorial and not sure why this is happening. I have a html file I am editing and inserting WP items. Next I go to Wordpress > Export the Theme. Confirmation popup says it’s done. I check the export folder and it’s empty.

OK I made some progress. First I saved the theme which added folders and files to the destination folder but it still doesn’t look right.

These are my settings. The destination folder is a blank new folder named “zPG_theme” I created in my WP Themes folder.

This is the content of the zPG_theme folder after I press save.

This is the message I get everytime I save the theme.
I do not get this message if using the Export the Theme button.

Obviously I’m not doing something right with the export process. Looking for feedback and help.

Looks like you are not exporting to wordpress but a folder on your pc.
You have to install xampp or som other server to run wordpress and then you make a folder in the wordpress theme folder and export to this folder.

A example of where you should export in xampp : D:\xampp\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content\themes\YOURTHEME

The preview Page Url also looks funny, normaly it looks something like this : http://localhost/wordpress or

Yes I am using Mamp Pro and exporting to WP theme folder.

OK let me try again from beginning using a fresh PG file.
Here is what I did