Export theme ZIP file and update theme

Hello, I am pretty new here and I want to ask, if there is some way, to export theme ZIP file to be installed on Wordpress.

I have Pinegrow and testing LocalWP Wordpress installation. At the same time I have already made production website with real articles, CPTs and other content.

After I make update on my theme and update is already tested at testing LocalWP enviroment, I want to install it as update to my production site.

Only way I know to do it, is just go LocalWP wp-contet/themes/MYTHEME, compress to ZIP and then upload new version to production website and update.
Is there any way or option how to make these updates? Or how to directly export ZIPed theme file from Pinegrow to be installed on production site?

Thank you very much

The WP Plugin version of Pinegrow has a feature to download the theme as a zip. The desktop version doesn’t have this. Instead, just zip up the theme folder (where you exported the theme, most likely your wp-content/themes/themename folder) and then upload that to the live site.